Tutima M2 Watch Analysis Wrist Time Reviews

Tutima watches had a actual appreciative moment in 1984 if their timepieces were called as the official timepieces of the North Atlantic Treaty Alignment (NATO) armament in Europe. This didn’t appear because the chaps in Germany anointed the appropriate palms, but rather because their efforts paid off if it came to the acrimonious requirements set […]

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Grand Seiko Bound Copy Affected Watches Bless The Iconic 62GS


Way aback at Baselworld 2015, Seiko alien a bulk of new watches, abounding of which were limited-edition models. One such limited-edition watch, even admitting they’re not “new” at this point, was rather absorbing because, in annual of the “55th Ceremony of the aboriginal automated Grand Seiko,” Seiko appear both a set of traditional-looking Grand Seiko […]

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