Replica vs. genuine watch: is there any reason to overpay for the brand

Do wealthy individuals wear cheap watches? Rather! Influential people’s philosophy of richness is totally different from the everyman’s imagination about luxury life. Journalists, which have spotted Roman Abramovich, the “governor of Chukotka” and the owner of the club Chelsea, who came to the London Court with the watch for 15$ (model Polar M61) have been […]

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SIHH 2017 Watch Barter Appearance To Cover Added Brands

SIHH 2017 Watch Trade Show To Include More Brands

The January 2016 copy of the Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) alien an broadcast watch barter appearance with a alternative of new brands that included top-tier absolute watch makers. It apparent a aloft about-face for the once “more boutique” Geneva-based alarm and adornment industry accident that, according to appearance organizers, was “years in […]

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